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Yeah, you read the title of this post correctly.

Since the dawn of man, our earliest ancestors painted glorified stick figures on the walls of their cave using leaves, twigs, hair, smashed up fruit, and the blood of their enemies. Over time, man honed his artistic abilities and the scope and nature of art began to expand rapidly, though one key factor has remained constant in man's artistic journey over the centuries...


... and that's the ability to make money off of their raw creative talent.

In the past there was only 2 options when it came to making it as an artist. You'd either spend an entire lifetime of poverty hunched over a canvas as a depressed tortured misunderstood soul only to be appreciated when you're dead and gone, or you could just sell your soul to the devil and make a bunch of money off of illustrating the cover-art for a Smash Mouth record.


This can become quite the quandary for a budding young perplexed artist.

You want to figure out a way to convert the excitement of your passion into a steady source of income allowing you to maintain your integrity and avoid being labeled as "sell-out" in the process.


Well, I'm here to put a stop to this nonsense by telling you that your friends here at PRINTSONWOOD feel your pain, that's why we've decided to create the brand new ARTIST'S GALLERY!

Join the ranks of our beloved and respected Artists featured on our site by joining our Artist Gallery today. Even though most artistic types are well known for their creative thinking abilities, we've decided to keep our registration process incredibly simple so that you can conserve your precious brain power to apply towards your next artistic challenge. (Like trying to draw hands)

Just visit PRINTSONWOOD.COM and sign-up. Once your account is active, swing by our store and pick-up a Gallery License for an incredibly low one time nominal fee of $5. As the owner of a Gallery License, you now have access to a brand new set of SELLER TOOLS the next time you log onto PRINTSONWOOD.COM. This allows you to create/set-up your Artist profile, upload images, and set the price of your artwork. Keep in mind that PRINTSONWOOD handles all the fulfillment, production, and shipping of your Art, so there's no hidden fees or charges to selling your artwork with us.

We even offer the ability to track to the progress of your offered art prints allowing you to see how lucrative each one has become once uploaded onto our site. Every 30-days or so, your sales are calculated and compounded resulting in a check sent to your address for all the prints you've sold for the month. So basically with PRINTSONWOOD'S new Artist Gallery, all you have to do is upload your art and sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in.


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