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Husband and Wife Duo, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, Release "VIXEN No. 10" and "Girl in the Yellow Dress"

"Girl in the Yellow Dress" by Kathie Olivia "Girl in the Yellow Dress" by Kathie Olivia


Power couples are kind of everything; like, who doesn't love a tag team duo bound by both talent and good old fashioned romantic love. That's why we're double excited to present a dual release by husband and wife team, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas.

Peters and Olivas are the proud owners and operators of Circus Posterus, a company which prides itself on being a tight knit collective focused on dispersing original artworks, creating toy designs, printmaking, packaging, marketing, licensing, brand management and art event creation in order to lighten the load of the common artist-- who often times takes on all of the aforementioned load independently.

"VIXEN No. 10" by Brandt Peters "VIXEN No. 10" by Brandt Peters


For the pair's first POW release, they've hit us with "VIXEN No. 10" and "Girl in the Yellow Dress." "Vixen No. 10" is a printed rendering of an original work by Peters dawning a dough-eyed sketch of a little lady with seemingly all the descriptive elements that make up a 'vixen.'

"Girl in the Yellow Dress" is a surrealist painting with a title simply mirroring the portrait's content, plus an antlered snake friend en tow, which comes courtesy of Olivas.  Both works are printed on 100% sustainable birch wood and will be available for purchase between January 18th and January 24th.

To learn even more about Brandt Peter's "VIXEN No. 10" and Kathie Olivas' "Girl in the Yellow Dress," check out an interview with the two here.