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Illustrator and Toy Designer, Chris Ryniak, Releases "MothPup"


Just in! Visual artist and Detroit-native, Chris Ryniak, releases his fifth Prints on Wood release titled, "MothPup." In this unique drop, Chris offers up his first cut-to-shape release with Prints on Wood in the form of a cute, cuddly, hybrid creature showcasing 18 fingers and toes and a pair of big brown, characteristically in line with the artist's usual aesthetic flare.

Chris Ryniak is a toy designer, sculptor and painter whose prints and art products have an international tendency to sell out at records speeds. Audiences have continued to showcase a definite interest in Ryniak's particular brand of illustration and sculptural creations, from attending his on-going exhibitions everywhere from the U.S.  all the way to Japan, to supporting his daily monster drawing habits on Patreon. 

mothpup chris ryniak print on wood

Ryniak continues on delivering audiences one-of-a-kind and short run releases for legions of collectors who appreciate the presence of tiny monsters. With "MothPup," you can enjoy the presence of a 9 x 7.4 in. cut-to-shape wood print on sustainable birch wood. Available now through June 9th, "MothPup" arrives ready to stand or hang depending on your home, office or studio space's needs. Each print is hand-numbered and signed by the artist, and will ship during early July. Nab your today by heading here!

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