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Photo Show Report: "Images From the Crypt:" Early Photos of Rozz Williams and Christian Death by Ed Colver @Space Gallery Pomona

ed colver images from the crypt


Over the weekend, punk rock photographer and POW collaborator, Ed Colver, displayed a series of iconic images at Space Gallery in Pomona, Ca. The exhibition featured archived shots of California rock icons Rozz Williams and Christian Death during their early years as musical groundbreakers. The images originate from Colver's expansive collection of film photographs captured in Los Angeles, Ca during punk's heyday between 1978 and 1984.

Colver has become somewhat of a household name over the years, as the primarily self-taught photographer who unwittingly photographed and archived one of America's most inarguably influential subcultures: punk. Through books, photo exhibitions and interviews with both prestigious publications (LA Times) and trendsetting periodicals (YAY! LA Mag, Pitchfork), Colver and his photos find themselves at the forefront of Southern California's historic punk rock conversation.

Ed Colver's images have graced covers of particularly notable punk albums, from Black Flag's Damaged, Black Flag's Louie Louie, Circle Jerk's Group Sex, Channel 3 Fear of Life, among many more. In all, Colver was commissioned to photograph more than 250 album covers for dozens of record labels including EMI, Capitol and Geffen.

Colver is regarded as a trendsetter by many, unknowingly defining the aesthetics of punk rock photography from its inception.

To learn more about Edward Colver, check out an interview with the photographer here. Also, be sure to swing by Space Gallery Pomona, between now and April 10th, to check out the exhibition.

Space Gallery Pomona:

250 West Second Street
Pomona, CA 91766

Tuesday–Friday 12:00pm–6:30pm
Saturday 3:00pm–9:30pm
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