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Last week we reviewed the Photos APP that comes standard with every iPhone, which is a great tool for little tweaks you might want to preform on any photo you took with your phone, but for those of you who want to take it a step further, without making your brain hurt, Tadaa does a great job.

Tadaa allows you to upload an existing photo on your phone or take one in real time. For this demo I grabbed a spooky toy from my desk and took a picture of it before opening the Tadaa App.


As you can see, this picture is kind of "meh," the colors are a bit dead and the lighting sucks. Let's upload this photo into Tadaa and see what we can do.


The user interface looks pretty clean, which is a plus. Anytime I download a new app and the UI looks like a visual mess with crap everywhere I just delete it and forget about it. Tadaa's interface puts me at ease because it looks like something I could easily master with a bit of practice.

Before we go into each feature, it should be noted all the tools contained in Tadaa features easy to use sliding controls.  The first tool, Adjustments, allows you to enhance the brightness / contrast / saturation of your image. HD Clarity (the 2nd tool) allows you to adjust the sharpness / shadows of your image simultaneously.


One unique feature that Tadaa boasts is a Masking tool. This allows you to enhance the focal point of your image by coloring in the desired area with your finger. It also has an auto-detect feature for the edges of your selection, for those without a steady hand.  Using the pinching technique, I turned off the auto-detect feature and colored in the space of my skull.


I rotated my phone to get into the details of my image (nice and deep like) and the screen didn't rotate which is cool.


Now that I have my desired area masked out, I tap the checkmark in the corner of the screen and access the HD Tilt-Shift tool (middle), which allows me to blur the areas outside of the clipping mask. There's several different ways to use this tool, which would probably be better experienced with a more hands on approach, so I'll spare you descriptions.


The Frames tool (second from right) has a wide selection of frames to enhance the look of your photo. For some reason, this skull picture makes me think of walking into a boutique on Melrose that only sells leather punk bracelets. The type of shop where you're punched in the face with the overwhelming smell of incense upon entering (don't ask). So I'm going to pick this gritty shoebox looking frame.


The final tool, Filters, is very much similar to the Filter tool in Photos. The major advantage of the Tadaa version of the tool is the ability to scale the intensity of the filter, which is helpful.

Here's a side by side of the photo before and after playing with Tadaa.


To be honest, I was expecting this app to be a cheesy knock-off of Instagram, but the easy to use wide range of features really sets it apart.

My only gripe is once you complete your image editing, it allows you to share it on social media or email it, but you can't save it to your phone.


It's not a total deal breaker, I could just email the picture to myself then save it to my computer, but I would've liked the option. Now with our image editing complete, lets give it to the boys in production and take a look at the finished product.


As Larry David would say "Pretty Good... Prettaay-Prettaaaay Good!" 

The best part about the finished product was I didn't have to do any of these effects on a computer, all of this was achieved from working on my phone. When I was done I just e-mailed it to myself, saved it, then uploaded the image to printsonwood.com, all from my phone.


Overall, Tadaa is an awesome free app, the only thing that irked me was the inability to save the image to my phone. So in conclusion, download Tadaa.... tadaay! (Yeah, I know, that joke sucked.)

For more information on Tadaa, please visit the app website at Tadaa.net


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