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Ivan Beslic's "Aiming for Peace"


German born illustrator and painter, Ivan Beslic, is a hiphophead and crusader for peace. The full-time artist connects the crosshairs of his passions within his work, making statements within his message and his methods. Having collaborated with top brands such as adidas, and having worked alongside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-ers such as Public Enemy, the 30-year-old artist is making specific strides within the art community by pushing a very classic and pristinely old school aesthetic. POW chatted with the artist while on the go regarding his first POW print release titled "Aiming for Peace".

As we speak, you're currently in a hotel room. What are you up to on your current travels? 

I'm currently in Boston. I came here a few days ago to see Kobe Bryant's last game in Boston and celebrate NYE.  Tomorrow I'm heading to NYC where I'll be having some meetings about possible future art projects. On the 7th January, I'm flying to Los Angeles to sign my "Aiming for Peace" wood prints .

Very cool. Can you talk a little about "Aiming for Piece?" Can you discuss the subject matter and the different visual elements represented? 

Aiming for Peace is one of my latest works . I live in Germany, which is a country that helped over 1 million refugees and gave them a place to sleep. The media is talking a lot about war, and that got me thinking. The dove stands for love and peace. I've worked with the rap group Public Enemy a lot, and I had those crosshairs in my mind . I kept the painting simple; it's got a symbolic meaning-- my aim is simply peace.


You utilize markers primarily. Can you talk about your process and your methods of choice?

I'm painting all my artworks with markers only. It's a style I created over the last few years by myself. It's all about freestyle tagging and scribbling, using different types of markers and colours. I use up to 60 different markers for one painting.
When its finished, you see different marker colour layers and it's a cool effect.

What do you have on your plate for 2016?

In 2016 I will be travelling a lot. I'm currently working out possible art shows for NYC and LA and in April, I'll be in Japan for 2 weeks spreading my art around the Globe .
There will be some nice, fresh print releases this year -- so watch out for it! ☺

You can purchase Ivan's 10 x 12 in. print on sustainable birch wood entitled "Aiming for Peace" until tomorrow, so act fast. The print is available with or without a custom Italian-made frame to fit your home or office decor needs. Click here to see more info on the print, and to make your purchase.