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Jason Limon Releases "Light Rider" March 4th


For Jason Limon's 22nd release with Prints on Wood, we're treated to an extension of the artists mythological, mystic and fabled  tell tale style. Beginning Friday, March 4th at 11am, the painter and sculptor will release "Light Rider" in a limited run of 20.

The San Antonio, Texas-born artist grew up inspired by his surroundings, starting early with the creation of his doodled figures and scenarios. He attended San Antonio College in the Visual Arts & Technology program, and began a career in commercial graphic design in 1995. Here, he found a love and a skilled understanding of type, color and composition. Limon spent over a decade creating iconic and brand-signifying logos and designs before devoting his full time work to creating art by hand and brush.

Limon's paintings have now come to showcase the progressive skill the artist encompasses to create strange, absurd and quite lovely fine art works with mythic creature in daft scenarios. To nab a bit of this farcical excellence in wood print form, be sure to mark your calendar for March 4th and make your purchase here!