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Jazzberry Blue Artwork

In today's modern times, buying maps at a gas station is considered out of the way, now that cellphones have maps and GPS built in them. Artist Jazzberry Blue takes this concept and uses it to create one of a kind art pieces that are also maps of places around the world.


Although artist Jazzberry Blue prefers to stay out of the limelight, Blue uses art as a form of communication. The art wood prints included in this blog include a map of Portland and a map of Baltimore, although some of the other prints Jazzberry Blue has create includes a map of Budapest and a map of Mexico City (just to name a few). baltimore-map-wood-print

These prints can be purchased on our website, and can also be framed or ordered in a variety of sizes. By adding this custom fine art wood print to your home, not only are you adding to your collection, but you're also bringing a bit of the world into your home. Order yours today!