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Jazzberry Blue

Jazzberry Blue is an abstract artist that creates geographical pieces. He makes maps of popular and iconic cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, and much more, with similar abstract patterns and color schemes of oranges, blues, and blacks.

jazzberry blue_Printonwood

He also created a series of maps in a black and white color scheme. Although these maps aren't as geographically accurate as your very own navigational system, Jazzberry Blue takes the unique essence of each city and incorporates it into an abstract piece. These abstract maps are printed onto wood.  Almost every major city you could visit in the US and internationally has been turned into an a cool abstract colorful map printed on wood. Jazzberry Blue _ Printsonwood1

Jazzberry Blue is quite a clever artist. He makes concrete subjects that cannot seem abstract into abstract art works, which make his pieces even more fascinating. Jazzberry Blue not only creates maps, but he also creates national parks, typo-geography, travel, and book covers all in his own style.

Jazzberry blue prints on wood

It's always an adventure to figure out what cities are being shipped out each week. We have many of Jazzberry Blue's pieces available on our webpage today,  http://www.printsonwood.com/artists/jazzberryblue.

Jazzberry_Blue_ Los Angeles_Print on wood

To see more of his amazing portfolio, visit his webpage at http://www.jazzberryblue.com/.