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Jeff Soto and Masakatsu Sashie Opening at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery


Merry Karnowsky Gallery held an event for the opening reception for Jeff Soto's "Nightgardens" and Masakatsu Sashie's "Blind Box."


This exhibition was Soto's first solo show back in Los Angeles in almost a decade. Although he exhibits regularly in New York, Europe and abroad, it has been many years since he has shown this close to home.  The turnout for this show was great!  Jeff Soto's pieces displayed many irregular shaped pieces, along with a series of new acrylic and watercolor paintings.

JeffsotoThis vibrant, colorful owl piece stood out from the white walls of the gallery. This owl piece is a popular image often seen in Soto's work and many crowded around to examine this piece in full detail.  In support of the show, friends from Jeff's grafitti days joined the crowd at the opening including Craola and Steven Daily.  Other fellow artists attending the show included Lola, Natalia Fabia, Luke Chueh, Thomas Han and Sherri Trahan director of the Corey Helford Gallery.


Photo of Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins and Steven Daily

lola Natalia sherri-from corey helford gallery

Photo of Natalia Fabia, Lola and Sherri TrahanJEFFSOTO_OWL

Photo of Jeff Soto with the founder of Trust Me Vodka, Mark Simo and his assistant Kristin Cervantes

Jeff Soto's art work was also featured on the bottle of the new vodka brand called Trust Me Vodka. Because Soto's work was displayed inside the clear bottle, it gave an underwater effect to Soto's unique creatures. Trust Me Vodka is organic and gluten free and we able to have a few sips during this showing. Above is a photo of Jeff Soto with the founder of Trust Me Vodka and below is a photo of the bottle itself.

Trust me vodka jeff soto


Photo of Jeff Soto's Watercolors

Nightgardens captivates a mysterious and mythical landscape with nonexistent creatures; however, it displays real life problems and journeys. Soto makes combinations of familiar and unfamiliar creatures and creates an imaginary world, much like a daydream

Masakatsu Sashie's style is quite different, yet similar to Jeff Soto's. They both hold abstract thoughts, but expresses them in different ways. Sashie is well known for his intricately painted orbs. His paintings consist of manmade objects warped into an industrialized civilization.Masakatsu_Sashie

Sashie's "Blind Box" showing had a recurring theme of a sphere which resembles life within a perfectly self-contained world. Sashie reconstructs forms from the past and the future as modern art, which is a similar concept as Jeff Soto's blend of fictional and nonfictional creatures.  Masakatsu Sashie

We fell in love with Sashie's work at first sight at the end of last year when Merry presented a group show featuring all the artists that would be showing with her in 2015.  This new collection of pieces from Sashie was no exception.  We couldn't leave without adding another one to our personal art collection.

sashie 6

If you get a chance and live in the LA area, stop by the exhibit before it closes July 25th.  To see these pieces in person is a treat not to miss.


For more information about the exhibit, please visit: http://www.mkgallery.com/