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Jeff Soto X Maxx242 Riverside Mural

Viewing art in the city is something that can be done almost anywhere….but viewing art ON the city? Not quite! Sponsoring this event, we sought to bring a mural to our hometown of Riverside, CA, something that we hope to see more of again and again!

Soto X Maxx242 MuralAll photos courtesy of Jordan Ahern

Before the fun could begin, we had to enlist the help of our local government to get the proper approval and documentation. Working hand-in-hand with the mayor of Riverside as well as the mayor’s staff (thanks Margie!), we were able to get the proper permits needed and a location to for Jeff and Maxx.

Soto X Maxx242 Mural 1

And now for the fun stuff!  Jeff Soto and his longtime friend and cohort, Maxx242, came ready to paint and their result was spectacular. These two have been doing graffiti together since high school and now they are doing murals all over the world in cities such as Berlin and Luxembourg. Other Soto murals can be found across the country and the world, cities include LA, Miami, Oakland, France and many others.

Soto X Maxx242 Mural 2

Maxx242 took the left half and Jeff Soto took the right.

Soto X Maxx242 Mural 6

The wall of the mural is behind Pixels Bar in Riverside on University and Lemon Ave, right in the heart of Downtown Riverside!

Soto X Maxx242 Mural 5

It took these guys 3 long days but these two made a masterpiece. Thank you Jeff and Maxx as well as the City of Riverside and everyone else who helped! We couldn't be happier with the result!

Soto X Maxx242 Mural 4

Soto X Maxx242 Mural 10All photos courtesy of Jordan Ahern