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Jorge Gutierrez - Animator and Painter

Jorge Gutierrez is a renowned Mexican animator, painter, writer and director. He is best known for his Annie & Emmy Award winning animated television series called "El Tigre: the Adventures of Manny Rivera" on Nickelodeon. Today, we'll be taking a look at this artwork.

Jorge's artwork explores his love affair with Mexican pop and folk culture. His artwork is based on traditional Mexican culture and characters. His art is currently displayed all around the world.

This piece below is called "Super Muerto Mouse." He describes this piece as "my love letter to Disney, even if they killed three of our shows in development."


This piece is called "Loteria," and is inspired by the Mexican devil. Jorge describes his fascination with the character and it can be clearly seen is this print.


Recently, we helped Jorge print his acrylic paintings on wood. The ones in the photos above are all wood prints that we made for his paintings. The wood canvases were perfect for his solo art show that was held in July.

Wood prints are durable, easy to display, and easy to transport. The different styles of wood grain makes the artwork unique. The grain automatically gives every print a vintage appearance, which fits in with Jorge's art style.

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