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Just in! Greg Mike Releases "TRUE COLORS"

true_colors_greg mike print on wood

Just in! We're extremely happy to announce our latest POW collaboration with East Coast-native, Greg Mike. The visual artists brings forth a print titled "True Colors," which has a background story that's certainly garnered controversy and attention in the last several months.

"True Colors" by Connecticut-native, Atlanta-based artist Greg Mike was once a gleaming mural on the corner of Ponce de Leon Street in his hometown of Atlanta. Unfortunately, several weeks after the mural's creation, a local museum painted over the mural in order to advertise a show in their upcoming exhibition schedule.

As a highly vocal advocate for the art community of Atlanta and beyond, the buffing of Greg Mike's work was a major disappointment. According to Mike, the museum responsible for the buffing  hadn't reached out or corresponded with the artist before white-walling his time-consuming and labored work. The legal parameters are unclear in the situation, as they are commonly with the legally ambiguous world of street art. In any case, the loss of a mural intended to implement community beautification and pride is a grave bummer all around.

Luckily for us, as one wall is shed of Greg Mike's work, here at POW we've been able to solidify and continue access to "True Colors" in the form of a  14 in. x 14 in. wood print. Available today, March 10th, through Wednesday, March 16th at 11:59pm, "True Colors," will be up for grabs for your purchasing pleasure.


In honor of the new print, here's what Mike had to say:

As you may have seen or heard, my most recent mural painted in my hometown of ATL was destroyed without warning by a “highly" established art institution to promote their upcoming exhibitions. Ironically the mural was titled "TRUE COLORS". After the overwhelming support and feedback from my fans and collectors I’ve decided to create a commemorative piece that can now live on forever...

The limited edition signed and numbered print on wood displays the “TRUE COLORS” mural. The feelings and vitality showcased in the piece will now remain unspoiled. The print we be available this Thursday, March 10th at 2pm (EST) on www.printsonwood.com

All proceeds I receive from the sales of the prints will be invested into painting another wall in the city. I will continue to build the scene, I will not be stopped and I will continue to communicate and raise awareness.