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So what’s the purpose of stripes anyway? This week we find out with Lory Stripes.

Because it was created by the same developer as Tangent (app we reviewed last week), the home screen was eerily familiar, but comforting. Just like Tangent the home screen displays four icons.

photo 1

The camera icon activates your camera to take a brand new picture.  The film roll allows you to bring an already existing picture from your camera roll into the app, which was what I did. I will continue to praise the light bulb “idea” button because it gives you a quick idea of what the app is capable of doing by showing user examples.  Lastly, the question mark icon takes you to a “how to” section where you can research the different features of the app and even watch a tutorial video on how to use it.

photo 2

Like Tangent, you have the option of changing the size and orientation of your picture, which is the easy part. After this, I found out the app gets a bit complicated.

photo 3

Once you click the check mark at the upper right corner, you are taken to the first set of options in the app, the stripes themselves. There are a whole lot of different combinations of stripes that you can choose from and use to weave around your picture.

photo 4

At the top of the screen you’ll notice a small cube button. While this button is activated, you can change the perspective of your stripe and make it more 3D if you prefer. The same button when pressed again will turn into a four-way arrow that you activate when you want to change the actual direction/placement of your stripes. It also allows you to change the size of the stripes.

image 5

It took me a while to find a good stripe combo to accent my picture, but in the end I chose a swirl like design. You can also “shuffle” between different modes of the same stripe that you like.

photo 6

Once you choose your stripe, you are then directed to the menu page where you will see three icons.

image 7

Since you’ve already worked on the first one, no need to worry about it. The second icon pictured is a multi stripe one where, once clicked, will allow you choose the color of your stripes.

 photo 8

Apart from color you will notice various “shade” modes to choose from. This is where you can choose where certain darker shades or even transparencies will fall on your design. Easy enough!

photo 9

The next icon is one of red paint over a line. This is the masking option that allows you to erase certain parts of your stripe so that it looks like it’s weaving through your subject in the original picture.  After selecting that icon the screen shows a series of five icons along the bottom of the screen.

photo 10

The first double arrow icon allows you to clear the mask completely and start over. The second arrow does double duty as both an undo and redo option. The remaining three pretty much all do the same thing: erase.

photo 11

With the first one you can choose the type of eraser head you want to use. There is a square one for those hard to reach edges, a blur edge one for a feather effect, and a circle one.  The squiggly line that comes next allows you to draw a red splotch on your subject so that you know where it is you’re erasing. It is very important that you zoom into your picture before making any corrections because if not, your eraser will be HUGE and will erase things you don’t want to erase. Finally the last button also doubles as a pencil and an eraser. If you ever erase a part of the stripe that you want, you can use the pencil option to re-draw it.

I will say this part of the app was the most difficult to use and took me several frustrated tries to get it down just right.

photo 12

In the end, you can share to your hearts content via Instagram, email, and text. You can also “re-stripe”, which allows you to keep the design you just made and keep adding even more designs onto your already existing one.

I chose to “Save to Camera Roll”, then uploaded it to PrintsonWood.com, selected the ¼” thick, bright white finish then found a cute model to hold it while I took a picture.


Although it’s a bit hard to use your first try, I will still would give this app a wood rating of 4 because of its great design capabilities, the number of options you are given to work with and the a file size big enough to print a good quality print on wood.



For more information on LoryStripes App, please visit: http://lorystripes.com/


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