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Love is like the air... you can’t see it, but you can feel it.


Yeah... I know, that sounded so corny you probably want to punch me in the face, but it’s an awesome segue into the fact that Valentine’s Day and the release of the new Jeff Soto Seeker: Air, is rapidly approaching.

If you haven’t purchased a gift for your beau this Valentine’s, it’s time to get on the ball. Luckily, Prints On Wood has got you covered. Right now, all create your own wood prints are a whopping 25% off until February 16th, just use the promo: BEMINE25 at checkout.


Remember the deadline to get your order before Valentine's Day is February 9th, so give in to that inner nagging voice and order your loved one's gift today.

As we also mentioned, Jeff Soto’s newest Seeker Friend: AIR, will be released on Thursday, February 6th at 12:00 pm for a 24 hour timed release. How does it look? Like a completely bad-@$$ 80's heavy metal album cover, that's how!


The Elemental Seeker - AIR, has 330k hit points, drops a legendary sword, yields 14k experience points, and annihilates his challengers with a devastating Lightning Damage attack.

But fear not brave warrior! You won't need an Icosahedron and a group of socially awkward friends huddled around a table in your Mom's basement to tame this Ethereal Prince! Just 30 bucks and a blank wall, my liege.


Lame D&D references aside, if your significant other is the type of weirdo who prefers art books and documentaries to chocolates and romantic comedies, a Jeff Soto Seeker print makes for a thoughtful (albeit unconventional) Valentine's Day gift!


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