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Matt Gondek - Deconstructive Pop Artist

Matt Gondek is one of the many artists that will be showcasing his work at DesignerCon 2016 this year. He is a Pop Artist that specializes in painting Deconstructed Pop Icons. Matt is also currently based in LA. His current motto is, "figure it out as you go along."


Matt's career started when he created his first comic book in elementary school. After realizing his potential, he began to work as a digital illustrator and created graphics for licensed clothing companies. Matt later opened up his own clothing and art boutique. However, this was not a success story. It shut its doors within a year of opening.

Although Matt initially struggled with a lack of direction after his first attempt at running a boutique failed, he eventually found his way back up. He began to create artwork that consisted of deconstructed and fractured cartoon characters. His signature style depicts pop icons with exploding heads. They are painted in bright colors and have a clean graphic art style.


These high quality wood prints that will be put on display are sure to be a hit amongst convention-goers!
(In this photo, it's being packaged and is ready to be send out.) Wood prints are a great way for artists to display their art. Wood is a truly unique type of canvas.

Matt's work is now displayed in art galleries and on outdoor murals all around Los Angeles.


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