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May Flowers and Fine Art

Mother’s Day is this weekend, so that means a whole lot of cards, flowers, and chocolates. Like a second Valentine’s Day, but all for moms...

Anyway! It got me thinking about that children’s rhyme, “April Showers bring May Flowers”, which got me thinking about flowers, and how I've been seeing a lot of those in all our Fine Art that we have here.

To start stirring your imagination a little, I’ve gone through our Fine Art showcase and selected a few that I think would be perfect gifts for this springtime fever. They’re fun, edgy, and cute, and feel a lot like ‘May’ to me.

"Dogwood" by Cuddly Rigor Mortis


Kristin Tercek, a.k.a. Cuddly Rigor Mortis, has a lot of cute work. We’re featuring a lot of her designs here in the Fine Art section, but this one is my favorite. Dogwood is a personification of a dogwood tree, and is just too adorable.

"Ghost Dawn" by Caia Koopman


Caia’s pieces are always a joy to look at: there’s an air of fragility and peace, but it’s still edgy with sharp lines and pastel colors. This one is the most tame of her pieces, I think, so if you want something edgier, definitely check out her stuff in the Fine Art section.

"Night Owl" by Jeremiah Ketner


His ‘Owl’ series is great, so check out the two other owl buddies we have in Fine Art.

"Hey Captain" by Tim Shumate


Just look at that! If that doesn’t shout May to you, I don’t what it is. Funny how the cat has fangs, yet it’s still adorable.

Aaaand since summer is just around the corner...

“The Pool Party” by Octopus Tree House


Because, you know, Star Wars is coming back with a seventh film. How ‘bout that?

Alright, leave me be now. I'm going to peruse through more of these prints and croon over them like a student on a low budget.



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