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Megan Majewski - 100 paintings in 100 days

From folks dressed to nines for a night out on the town to college kids on a casual bar crawl, you can always count on LA to be buzzing with energy on a Friday night. A couple of weeks ago, our friend and talented artist, Megan Majewski, celebrated the opening of her latest exhibition at Gallery 1988, in Los Angeles.

LA natives and travelers alike flocked to Gallery 1988 on Melrose Avenue to witness the reveal of Megan’s latest project: 100 Paintings in 100 Days.

While chatting with Megan about the event we caught an inside glimpse of her big night and some interesting details about her cute n' creepy creations.

We asked if she painted in 100 consecutive days, she exclaims, "Yes! Day one was September 1st, day 100 was December 9th.  No weekends and long days for 100 days straight."


But the wheels on this whole project started turning long before day one. Megan says she started brainstorming about the show over a year ago.

"I used that time to book the show with Gallery 1988, do some concept sketches, get myself organized the best I could, and collect 100 frames before the painting start date.  As soon as the show was booked a year ago, I started looking for frames. It took a long time to find that many frames that I was happy with. I had them all just before I started painting. That way I could match each frame to the paintings with which ones brought out the best in each piece."


She describes the hardest part of painting 100 pieces, and tells us, "It was definitely having no days off while working 10-15 hour days. You start to get run down working that many days consecutively, and having no weekends to recharge was very difficult. Especially when life throws curve balls at you. There were only two days that I didn't paint that I had to take off, when my cat and my aunt both sadly passed away. Which was even more difficult because I had to work even harder afterwards to catch up so I could still finish on my 100 day deadline. 

It truly made me work to my limits and far past them."



While creating the pieces for the show there were a few things she simply couldn’t live without, "My perfect wood panels from Trekell and a Golden open medium were things that are in all the pieces.  The paintings wouldn't have looked as amazing without either of those things. 

Also cookies. Cookies helped get me through the long days."


unnamed-5This wasn't the first time that Megan took on the 100 day challenge, paintbrush in hand and cookie in the other. Her first ever exhibit back in 2005, featured 100 paintings was also done in 100 days straight.  The difference between her first exhibit and her most recent one? A WHOLE LOT.

"My work from my first 100 paintings from 10 years ago is unrecognizable as the same artist.  That was my first time ever showing my work and I was still figuring out my style and learning a lot.  My pieces now are so much more detailed and have a lot more story and thought put into each piece."


Just a week before the debut of her 100 Paintings exhibit,  Megan caught an early flight down from Canada to visit us the POW office!

She also stopped by the Trekell Brush Factory and bagged an impressive haul of brushes and things. The quest to snag some stuff for her arsenal was a success, so let the 100 paintings celebration commence!

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 11.16.12 AM


Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 12.25.13 PMLooking back on the opening night's festivities at Gallery 1988,  Megan gushes about the most memorable part, "finally seeing all the pieces hung together on the wall."

"Katie at Gallery 1988 did an amazing job with that part.  It is so much different seeing them all hung up together in order on the gallery walls.  My studio is way to small that I could only really see a few together at the same time.  It was quite the sight to see 100 pieces together finally."


Just as great a sight for Megan were her friends, who flew out all the way from Vancouver to celebrate the opening with her. "It was heartwarming that they would come that far to support me."

One of the models that Megan painted in two of the pieces (Nikiski Noir) dropped by.  Also, Courtney from Trekell came out to see the show.  "It was nice to show off the pieces that I created on their beautiful panels."



When it comes to her artwork, Megan might play favorites. But she tells us " I don't know if I would say I am more proud of any pieces than the others.  Each piece had its own struggles and triumphs to get it to the quality I wanted.  I'm pretty proud of the show as a whole."

unnamed-8Finally, we had to ask if she would do it again. She replied, "I remember the first time I did it ten years ago was very difficult and exhausting, so was this time. I might be open to doing it again, but maybe not for another ten years!"

Another 100 day project may not be in the cards for the next couple of years but we're excited to see what Megan Majewski comes up with next. It's been a pleasure catching a rare view on the story behind her 100 paintings 100 days, 10 year celebration.


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