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Metal, Plastic, and Thou.

Metal and plastic.... they're everywhere! From cheap earrings made in China to cheap cars made in Japan, both of these materials can practically be found anywhere or on anything. Although if I had to be frank, I honestly believe that neither of these resources are really quite charming. I can't exactly pinpoint where these thoughts began to originate, but I feel like it can be traced back to the culmination of many things.

Perhaps it's because plastic goods are most commonly associated with being cheap or disposable. Metal can also fall into this category when you think of the scope of objects that are created using Aluminum.. soda cans, tin foil, food trays. Given their renewable properties, metal or plastic can also be recycled, melted down, and poured into a mold creating another disposable object in the process. That's not to say we don't appreciate these things or the people that create them, but it's common knowledge that these objects were not built to last.

That's why I feel like my brain ignores 99% of all signage that I pass by during my daily commute. Unless you're visiting the "Old Town" portion of a rustic community, passing an establishment with a rich history, or spending the entire weekend at Knott's Berry Farm with your Grandparents thinking "I'd rather be at Disneyland." the whole time, chances are you're probably not going to see a sign made out of wood. Which makes me ask one serious question.... Why not? Wood has life, it has history, it has personality.

Now I know a couple of wise-acres reading this blog are thinking "What about popsicle sticks? Broom handles? Shotgun stocks? Those crappy balsa wood airplanes I used to get from the ice cream man!?" which is expected, but lets look at things objectively here. When's the last time you went camping and thought "I love the smell of plastic!" when taking a deep breath while hiking through the wilderness? When have you ever looked at something made of plastic and thought "I wonder where this piece of plastic came from before it was a spoon?" Better yet, which would you prefer? The rich oaky smell of your Grandpa's log cabin, or the whiff of plastic seat sweat rising off of his naugahyde recliner peppered with duct tape instead? Thought so. ;)

Wood also posses a certain quality I can only refer to as the "look of inevitability". It's a design term used when viewing a finished composition where no eyesores or mistakes are visible, and everything about the design achieves visually organized cohesion. In terms simple enough for someone like myself to understand... it means it looks great! :P

As noted earlier, there are several buildings and business that I pass by EVERYDAY during my commute and I know absolutely nothing about them. The one thing I can tell you about these businesses is that their signs looks cheap and dirty with boring designs. No life, no personality, just a hideous Blippo Bold typeface stretched to fit the dimensions of the sign. When I see this, I immediately paint a mental picture of a lackluster underwhelming business I better not get attached too, because of the cheap disposable stereotypes their storefront signs perpetuating. The beauty of a wooden sign is that it combines the precision of machines with the creativity of the human mind. Long past are the days of old where you had to wait several weeks for the town wood smith to turn a splintery slab of wood into a fancy new sign for your rowdy saloon. This is the future son, short of flying cars and robotic housekeepers, PRINTSONWOOD has everything you need right now to create the most charming/eye catching wooden sign to proudly hang above the front door to your establishment... even if everything you sell is probably made out of metal and plastic.


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