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Metric Coffee Co. Wood Prints

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away, especially if it's brewed with quality. Metric Coffee Co., a coffee roaster located in Chicago, was the beginning of a partnership of two men who had great ideas. Like all start up businesses, Metric Coffee did not start off with investors or fancy equipment to jumpstart the company. The founders, Xavier Alexander and Darko Arandjelovic, started roasting from a vintage production roaster bought from Germany, found on Google... what are the chances. However, when the roaster was first purchased, it was broken to the core, from its motors to the electric and gas, leaving only one option, but to restore it.

Metric Coffee Co Prints on wood

This roaster was a blessing in disguise for Metric Coffee. It was the beginning of their coffee roasting journey. Metric Coffee was entirely a learning process and still is. Roasting coffee takes a lot of practice, exploring new methods, and years of perfection. To Darko and Xavier, they not only stick to familiar methods, but they also adventure out to new techniques every year to create a consistent learning process.
Metric Coffee Co

We were honored to contribute a little to Metric Coffee's coffee roasting journey. We helped them create custom wood prints for their cold brew coffee. We are always excited to work with businesses that take pride in what they do and express it through loyal, honest, and ethical way. Here at Prints on Wood, we strive to do the same.