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App Review: Mextures


Want to add some texture to your photos?  How about a mix of textures to create the prefect filter formula?  If you could how could you capture the perfect mixture of textures and use it over and over again on all your photos?  You have probably guess by now, but this weeks app review is on Mexture.  An app that allows you to create your own unique blend of texture and save it to use over and over again.  According to the app it will make your photos look like a picture in an Urban Outfitters catalog.  So let's get started!

photo 1

The home screen is designed beautifully and has several options for you to play around with. The first icon, the Erlenmeyer flask, is where your saved formulas are located (we'll get to that later), the lightning bolt takes you to an inspiration page, the newspaper icon takes you to a news page, and the question mark icon allows you to read a tutorial, rate the app, etc.

The other icons are the camera, which allows you to take a brand new picture and the library icon, which will open your camera roll. I have a plethora of pictures in my phone so I open up a picture I took at the Japanese Garden in Portland. Because I’m going for that Urban Outfitters look, I choose some random pine trees. Pretty boring looking if you ask me…..let’s see what this app is capable of!photo 2

Once you crop your picture, you are then presented with different Textures and Formulas. If you had opened the tutorial in the home screen, you would know that textures are added as layers to your image to create a unique look and formulas are saved combinations of textures and/or polish. I stick to the textures and scroll down to “Landscape Enhance”, since my picture is part of a landscape, after all…

photo 4

In this screen you’ll noticed you are faced with a number of icons and options. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first saw this but once you get to know each icon, you’re all set. Remember to also keep referencing the tutorial page if you need help (I did).

The first step would be to choose a texture from the many options on the bottom before handling anything else. I chose the Winter Dusk texture and then went on to the first magic wand icon, also known as the blending tool. This tool basically allows you to add a layer of different tones of light and dark to your photo.

photo 5

Once you choose a blend option you are taken back to your work screen. The next icon you’ll see is a rectangle with a number on it. This tells you how many layers you have on one picture, which is where the next icon comes in. The third and middle icon is a plus sign where you can add another texture on top of your already existing one.  I added like 4 of them in one and noticed that my rectangle no longer said 1, but 4. One quick look in this section and I’m able to see all the layers that I’ve added and I can then turn them off and on with the eye icon (similar to Photoshop).

photo 6photo 8

The fourth icon you’ll see are some adjustment knobs, also known as “polish”. This will give you several adjustment preferences to polish up your pictures, including Film, Black&White, Exposure, and more…easy enough.

photo 9

The last icon looks like a little Erlenmeyer flask (for those of us who remember chemistry) is the formulas option, which as you recall are saved combinations of textures and/or polish. There are guest formulas from people that have created their own and shared it, landscape formulas, black and white, Spring, etc……If you click this option you will be faced with a screen asking if you’re sure you want to remove the edits you’ve already worked on. For the purpose of this app review, I clicked yes. photo 10

photo 11

Since I chose a winter formula that made my trees look really dark and gloomy, so I had to start all over again.  Having followed the steps again, I came up with this.


Once you’re satisfied with your picture you are given the option to save to your library, share on Twitter, Mail, Instagram.

photo 12

The “open with” preference allows you to open it in any apps you may already have installed which for me was Tangent, Lory Stripes, and even Tumblr. You can also choose to save the current formula and name it for later reference. These can be found in the formulas tab under “My Formulas”.

I gave this app a wood rating of 4 because it was easy to navigate and had an extensive design palette.


Now, let's see how it looks printed on wood!  The image file was big enough to create a print as large as 24"x24" wood print.  Printed on Natural Gloss finish, the wood print turned out really cool!


For more information on Mextures please visit: http://www.mextures.com/


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