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Minimalist Ballparks by S. Preston

Spring is underway! We’ve just entered May, the weather is getting warmer, and the sun is staying out longer. All signs are pointing to one thing…...baseball season! Whether you wear Dodger blue or Cardinal red, this is the time to enjoy our national pastime however you prefer!

One of the best parts about baseball is going to the ballpark. Each team in baseball has a noticeably distinguishable ballpark inside and out, so getting to go to ballparks is a treat everyone should experience! There's a magical feeling when you walk through the section tunnel and the ballpark opens up in front of you….making the experience of visiting new ballparks that more amazing!

minimalist ballparks citi field

Citi Field (Mets) by S. Preston

Going to visit every ballpark, or even a few, will wind up costing you tens of thousands of dollars….so this may not be the most practical option for most baseball fans. Thankfully, you can catch a glimpse of each ballpark from wherever you can get online!

Graphic artist and illustrator S. Preston has used his skills to create a glimpse of each of the 30 ballparks of baseball, with a little twist. Rather than create an image of the whole ballpark, Preston uses a minimalist approach, and only displays a certain aspect of the ballpark that makes it distinguishable from all of the others, leaving everything else out. For example, for Angel Stadium he displays the top of the big red A with the halo, for the Mets the big red apple in center field is shown, and for the Giants the kayakers outside of the right field wall are looking to catch a home run out of the park.

minimalist ballparks angel stadium

Angel Stadium by S. Preston

minimalist ballparks At&t park

AT&T Park (Giants) by S. Preston

Preston’s minimalist ballpark series has gotten plenty attention from sports publications and journalists across the country, and this spotlight got his minimalist prints a display at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.

Minimalist Ballpark Art Print Display at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 29, 2014

Photo by Ben Krause

Instead of your average canvas, we got to print the series for the Target Field display on wood! We made the prints of every stadium the same size except for Target Field, which was much larger than the others to stand out.

Here's the artist himself in front of his great work!

Minimalist Ballpark Art Print Display at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 29, 2014

Photo by Ben Krause

minimalist ballparks mlb

The display at Target Field looks amazing as his pieces came out great. These custom wood prints will definitely have fans guessing which ballpark they’re looking at!