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Miss Mindy Art - Wood Prints on Demand!

Here at Prints on Wood, we're always getting the exclusive first-look at new pieces of artwork. Today, we'll be focusing on art by Miss Mindy!

Miss Mindy is an artist based in Eagle Rock, CA. She describes her artwork as "Cartoon Folk Art." Her art ranges from fluid ink work to hang-crafted, dimensional "Pop UP" paintings. She is a famous professional artist that has done a wide range of paint commissions. Miss Mindy has also designed characters for large animation studios such as: Disney, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros. She has also illustrated books and is currently working on her own cartoon. How exciting!

A few of her pieces, as seen below, are modern twists on popular Disney characters. We printed some of her artwork on wood, and these are the results! Note: all of these prints are on demand and available to order instantly!

"Chicken Ride Wood Print" by Miss Mindy


How cool are these pieces?

"Curious" by Miss Mindy


The colors are vibrant, the lines are clear, and it shows no signs of misprinted or faded ink. We pick only the best plywood to use for your prints.

"Haunted Pirate Maiden" by Miss Mindy


When it comes to printing art on wood, no other company can compare to ours! Here at Prints on Wood, we stand behind every print we make. We're 100% sure that you'll enjoy and be satisfied at the results from our prints. If you're not, one of our fabulous staff members will be sure to help you!

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