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Mother's Day Gift ideas

It’s right around the corner! The day we honor the women who bathed us, who fed us, who wiped our poop until we could do it ourselves. Let’s be real, we owe our mothers a damn good Mother’s day present.  Now, this year, you could send flowers or take her to a nice Sunday brunch-y’know the usual.  But after all the years of Cheesecake Factory reservations and wilting flowers, a unique, timeless gift sounds pretty refreshing.

Now, what might that gift be? Well, a custom made wood print of course! And I’ll show you why.

To start, we are offering 30% off Create Your Own wood prints just for Mother's Day. Mothers-Day-2015What is Create Your Own wood prints?  It's a picture of anything you can think of printed on wood, BUT it has to be your picture.  (or a picture you have permission to print)

If you don't have any pictures handy, try this "Fantastic Family Photo" by Cuddly Rigor Mortis.   An interesting work of art is never a miss.

Fantastic Family Wood print by Cuddly Rigor Mortis Fantastic Family Photo by Cuddly Rigor Mortis

Relive the first moment she laid eyes on you, something she will never forget.

Baby print on woodShown in Natural Gloss Finish

mom and baby print on wood

Shown in Bright White Finish

With a wood print, there wouldn’t be any doubt about her liking her gift. The simplicity and elegance of a wood print makes it the perfect gift, suitable to anyone’s taste. Whether in a cool and contemporary room or rugged and rustic space, a wood print can be placed, hung or mounted to complement EVERY sort of decoration.

red bird on a branch wood print

These are sure to be special because in each print, there’s a certain craftsmanship that can’t be paralleled by a paper photo slapped in an expensive frame.

Falling in Love wood print by YetilandFalling in Love by Yetiland

If you’re stuck on ideas of what to print, why not give her the gift of nostalgia with a print of her hometown.  Austin Texas by Jazzerberry Blue, perhaps?

Austin city map wood print

Or a cool cityscape of Philadelphia if she's from the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia skyline wood print

Philadelphia Pennsylvania by Bribuckley

Whatever the image may be, your wood print is sure to be an unconventional Mother's day gift. One that she won't have to water and one will she definitely cherish. Check out our current fine art wood prints or send your very own photo that you would like to gift as a personalized token of your love and appreciation for Mom.