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Mother's Day Wood Prints

Mother’s Day is a month away, and not a moment to lose!

I owe my mother a damn good Mother’s Day gift. Enough of those brunch buffets, with over-the-top outfits, and mimosas out the wazoo. This time, I want to give my own mother something great, and a wood print is right up that alley.

Why a wood print? Let me break it down for you, son.

On Mother’s Day, she wants to be reminded that she’s a mother, but not reminded that she’s getting older. Especially that she’s getting older. So, the more you keep hanging on to those traditional gifts like handmade cards, candy, and flowers...it does get, dare I say it, old after awhile.

With a wood print, it can either be your best family photo, or a piece of art that you know she likes. Regardless, having a physical wood print is a different sort of gift than a simple photo and frame. There is a craftsmanship that goes into each print that you can’t find at any expensive print place.

Let’s face it: flowers are nice, but eventually wilt. Cakes, and candy, and everything sweet will also fade in time with your digestion. What you want to give your mother is the same feeling she got when you used to make her those cute little crafts in elementary school. Something like the handprint card, a poem, a bouquet of paper flowers. These are things that will last.

But if you’re older like me, and a handmade card would look tacky and weird, a wood print is something even more cherishable. It has that sense of timelessness that you’re looking for without being a gaudy gift. It’s simple, elegant, and can be displayed anywhere. And I mean anywhere! From rustic to riches and futuristic design, a wood print can be hung or placed in any decorated room without disrupting the chi. If you’re into that sort of thing.

You always hear stories from your mom’s friends, or your aunts and uncles, about how ‘so-and-so gave the perfect gift’, ‘it was so unexpected!’, etc. etc. Well, this year BE that person they talk about! Honestly, how many wood prints have you seen gracing the shelves of your mom’s office or at her friend’s places? Yes, yes, let’s not give the “keeping up with the Jones’” speech, but it would still be a nice touch after all those years. Give your mom something to talk about, something she’ll cherish, and something that will last longer than the next time you need to water it.


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