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Mountain High Wood Signage

This weekend, we were busy making lots of wood signage for Mountain High. Mountain High is Southern California's closest winter resort, and is a great place to visit for the holidays. It's split into 3 different regions - North, East, and West. Each region has its own unique features and offers different activities, but they all contain the same charm.

This year, Mountain High is offering a reusable Quick-E ticket for visitors without a season pass. With a Quick-E Ticket, visitors can skip ahead of the long ticket lines. Simply activate your card online and you'll be good to go! Visitors with a Quick-E ticket will also save $10 on all purchases. By using this ticket, you even can guarantee your reservation in case of a sellout. Because they're reusable, tickets are also environmentally friendly. How cool is that? mountain-high-signage-e-ticket-wood-signage-prints-on-wood-high-quality-wood-print

To help Mountain High bring attention to its new Quick-E Ticket offer, we've made large wooden signs to advertise their new promotion.  These signs will be displayed all around in large and sturdy frames to help maintain their shape and appearance. Keep an eye out for them as you explore!

mountain-high-signage-e-ticket-wood-signage-prints-on-wood-high-quality-wood-print-2To find out more about Quick-E tickets, click here.