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There used to be a point in time where that when a man wore a fedora, it indicated that he was a hard boiled detective walking the beat to solve a mystery, or perhaps he was a world famous archeologist in search of a lost ancient relic.


These days, when you see a kind gentlesir wearing a fedora, it signifies that he drinks Mountain Dew, eats Cool Ranch Doritos, constantly complains about being put in the "Friend Zone", and more often than not, his particular choice of headwear is complimented by his scruffy neckbeard.


Although with the emergence of characters like Ron Swanson in Pop-Culture lately, it has become fashionable to start acting like a "Real Man" again. Red meat, beards, and making things out of wood are all fun and good... but what is it that really makes a man, a man?

Prints On Wood artist, Josh Corbin, and his brother Aaron set out to explore the implications of that question in their upcoming short film, Mountain Man.


Mountain Man is a short film about a successful businessman named Alan, who's trying to keep a balance between his professional and personal life. With an upcoming promotion rapidly approaching, Alan is forced to visit his rural father at his cabin in Lake Arrowhead. With conflicting struggles between his job and family, Alan has to ultimately decide where he wants place his focus.


When the Corbin Brothers discussed the premise of their short film with us, we were excited to donate to their project by gifting them five 40 x 60 wood prints (including the 2 at the top of this article) to be auctioned off in an effort to raise money for their upcoming film.


While they are incredibly close to their final goal, they still need some help getting their dream off the ground, and not a moment too soon! With 2 days to spare, you can help Josh and Aaron by visiting their Indiegogo page to learn more about this exciting new project.


To learn more about Josh and Aaron's short film, please visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Indiegogo Campaign.


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