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Mysterious Ways

Granted the name of our website and business is PRINTSONWOOD, we also do a little more than just... y'know, printing on wood. As you may well already know, even though we have a wide selection of wood canvases, thicknesses, wood finishing, and display options to boot, we also understand that the imagination of our clients isn't solely limited only to the products available on our site. Sometimes a creative vision can't be contained within the confines in 8x10 wood print. (Or 4x6, or 5x7, or 6x6, or 6x12, or 8x8, or 8x12, or 9x12, or 10x10, or 10x15, or 11x14, or 12x12, or.... you get the point)

When someone drops us a line inquiring about a custom order or any other complicated challenge they can conjure up, we don't shy away. Nay, we face it head on, grab it around the neck, and wrestle it to the floor like a mentally deranged older brother who caught you in his room touching his Millennium Falcon™ playset. (In case you couldn't tell, I'm the youngest. : / ) Which is why we were recently contacted by the creative minds over at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Harvest is a church local to the Riverside area well known for it's outreach and charismatic preacher, Greg Laurie. Before Pastor Greg was leading the masses over at Harvest, he made a living dabbling in illustration/graphic design (a man after my own heart), which explains why their promotional materials always looks so sharp. With that in mind, their latest offering (pun not intended) did not disappoint. They wanted a custom wooden sign, but instead of printing their message on the sign, they wanted it... **DRAMATIC PAUSE** ... cut out of the sign!! That's right, they didn't want us to add anything to their wooden sign, they wanted us to take away from it. (Talk about postmodernism.)


We've worked closely with Harvest or the past couple of years on several different jobs, each more exciting than the last. Large format, small format, short run, long run, and everything in between. But this time, this job was a little different.


The Art Department over at HCF came up with the brilliant idea to cut their message out of a large 1" thick sheet of wood. They showed up with their design and direction and we took it over from there. We set up the files so that we could cut the wood with pinpoint precision.


Although a great man was once a carpenter, we used a machine to cut out the sign exactly the way Harvest envisioned. What kind of machine you ask? Well, we'd tell you but since some other lame wood printing companies troll our site/blog, we'll just keep it between us and the big man upstairs. ;)


Pretty sweet, eh?

So whatever your vision might be, however big of a wood print or sign you may need, your friends here at PRINTSONWOOD are willing and waiting with open arms accepting any and all who might need our help. The best part is you wont need a miracle to get it done. (Although it certainly does help. :P)


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