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New Print Alert: David Chung's "Pendleton Becomes Self Aware"

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David “The Chung!!” Chung is an illustrator and painter born in Albany, New York, but who spent the majority of his early childhood growing up in the city of Hong Kong and island of Taiwan. David works in the animation industry as a designer and illustrator has taken his creations to the eyes of audiences viewing shows such as “Futurama”, “Robot and Monster”, "Clarence", "Regular Show" and “Sanjay and Craig.”

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Chung attended the University at Buffalo for 2 years, eventually transferring and graduating from the Detroit, MI's College for Creative Studies in 2006 with a degree in illustration. The Chung's creative style is often characterized as colorful and expressive, containing adorably stylized creatures in poignant and hilarious scenes. Occasionally placed in unfortunate and/or awkward scenarios, Davig Chung's characters are an examination of his own personal day to day life. Full of self-deprecating humor, Chung's work is a gentle reminder for us all to quit taking life so seriously and to sit back and take a moment laugh at ourselves-- embarrassment, confusion, shame and all.

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Today we take the time to appreciate Chung's ninth Prints on Wood installment titled "Pendleton Becomes Self Aware," featuring a soft sentiment comically surrounding realization and actuality. Pendleton is a tiny futuristic robot who is exposed to the concept of self-actualization, obviously spinning the little guy into a bit of an emotional crisis. When Chung isn't painting, working on designer toys or doing POW collabs, he's relaxing in Los Angeles where he lives and works with his wife and dog.

You can purchase "Pendleton Becomes Self Aware" today until August 15 by heading here, and view all of David Chung's past POW collaborations here. 

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