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New Print Alert: Jason Limon Debuts "Meridiem"


San Antonio, Texas- born painter and sculptor, Jason Limon, is somewhat of an honorary POW veteran in a sense. The creator of mythological and paranormal creatures has produced a total of 53 Prints on Wood collaborations thus far. His 53rd installment in his POW run, titled "Meridiem," just released today, and its a cryptic little creature with a story.

"Meridiem" is a term meaning noon or midday pulled from the ancient and often referred to as "dead" language of Latin. The term is tied into the concept of time showcased throughout Limon's latest POW release. Within the piece is the visual term "meridiem" laced in with the English word "post" and the latin word of "ante." Broken down, "post meridiem" translates to afternoon and "ante meridiem" translates to "after noon," creating the AM and PM-related time abbreviations.

meridium_front jason limon print on wood

The dream world and the concept of time as a subtly fleeting concept seems to be the underlying sentiment of Limon's latest work. Measuring in at 9 x 12 in., "Meridiem" is a dreamy little treat for your home or office with highly contrasted tones, amazing details and cryptic undertones adding to its allure.

Known in the illustrative circuit for his easily recognizable design, his series of over four dozen POW prints is quite astounding. Limon began as a graphic designer, executing 12 years in the field before changing his focus to painting and illustrating full-time. Jason Limon's last Prints on Wood collaboration "Light Rider" released back in March of this year and is a great place to start if you'd like to see more of his work. Check out his entire POW catalog by simply heading here.

And to grab a piece of Limon's magic while available, you can purchase "Meridiem" now through August 12, here.

meridium_jason limon print on woodmeridium_front_frame jason limon print on wood