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New Print Alert! Mear One Releases "New World Revolution"

NEW_World REVOLUTION_eblast Mear One wood print


Just in time for the spring season, which always ushers in plenty of transformative vibes, revered graffiti and political artist, Mear One, hits us with his first Prints on Wood released, "New World Revolution."

Mear One is one Los Angeles' most celebrated graffiti/street art natives, having made his mark on the city throughout the allies of Melrose Ave in the 1980s, helping birth a localized culture that has since set the tone for community aesthetics in major ways. As a pioneer of his style, Mear boasts countless murals on numerous walls, giving him inarguable clout in the street realm, but as well holds an impactful fine art career-- one of the first graffiti artists to truly bridge the gap.


New World revolution Mear One print on wood


Mear holds his place in history as the first graffiti artist to exhibit at Melrose's infamous and highly influential 01 Gallery, as well as Silverlake's 33 1/3 Gallery, where Banksy would later debut his first North American show. Setting a new trend of blurring the lines between "high" and "low brow art," Mear acted as a early component in the art world shift.

So to begin the spring season off with a bang, Mear greets the POW audience with his very first Prints on Woods release, entitled, "New World Revolution."


NEW_World REVOLUTION Mear One prints on wood

"New World Revolution" embodies strong vibes of strength and rebirth, depicting a woman -- adorned with a yellow rose playing host to a butterfly -- fist raised. In her arms, a seemingly very aware infant mirrors her raised fist, giving off feelings of full circle understanding of revolutionary inclinations. Deep-seated messages aside, the artistry showcased in the new print is totally worth a mention, with its warm shades and lush tones, Mear One makes each of those tricky brush strokes look comically simple.

Hitting the streets as a 7-day timed release print this week, you can purchase "New World Revolution" beginning May 6th through May 13th by simply clicking here!

Mear One New World Revolution wood print