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New Print Alert: Meet Artist Sugar Fueled's Adorable Creation, Sprinkle

sugar fueled wood print sprinkle


For his first Prints on Wood release, California-native and illustrator Sugar Fueled offers up his painfully adorable cut-to-shape release, "Sprinkle."

Sugar Fueled is the alias of Burbank artist Michael Banks who is a specialist in pop surrealism, lowbrow oil paintings and comics conveying a number of adorable, big eyed characters depicted in colorful, candy filled scenes. Michael began his career in art over 20 years ago when he was selling tattoo flash around the world. Banks has since ventured into the world of tattooing, clothing, music, street art, stencil pop art, sketch cards, children's stories and comics, all of which mediums have shaped the artist's career today.

sugar fueled sprinkle wood print

Michael's art has been taken to and showcased in every major city across the United States, traveling to hundreds of comic conventions and art galleries from coast to coast. Michael, along with his wife and manager, Sarah Banks, runs Sugar Fueled clothing, which is a line based on Michael's art and his trademark broken star insignia which represents perseverance and revolves around the goal of making the world just a bit brighter.

For his innagural release slated to debut June 25th at 8am and hold availability until July 2nd at midnight, he brings us "Sprinkles," a cut to shape wood print which will arrive ready to hang with a keyhole in back. Sugar Fueled's "Sprinkle" release is in conjunction with the artist's attendance at Los Angeles' CatConLA, set to take place June 25th and 26th.