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New Print Alert: Mikael Brandrup Releases "Ice Breaker"



Mikael Brandrup is a Danish visual artist who recently emigrated to Los Angeles. He began his art career under the pseudonym KETS within the graffiti world. Naturally, the skilled urban artist segued into the worlds of graphic design as well as fine art, creating a name for his combination of graffiti aesthetics with the two.  To add insult to injury, Brandrup's also a creative branding tycoon as a co-founding member of a successful Copenhagen-based branding and design firm.

Throughout his extensive years as a visual artist, Brandrup has worked on projects for companies such as American Express, LinkedIn, Heineken, Google and Nike, which hired him to paint a 10 x 10 ft. canvas on the Santa Monica Pier in celebration of the launch of a signature sneaker for NBA player Chris Paul. Brandrup, who commonly works under the name Mikael B. has as well worked on a number of mural projects including his three-part mural series with friend of POW, Bumblelovesyou.

Bumblebee is associated with figurative designs, skilled stencil work and a controlled color palette creating a contrast between his and Brandrup's styles. However, after the two met at the Corey Helford, they decided to collaborate on a series of murals, blending their varying aesthetics.The first of these three murals was on an 80 ft wall in South Central, the second, a private commission at the Google headquarters in Santa Monica and the third, an outdoor wall at the Container Yard in the Downtown Arts District that was photographed for the Los Angeles Times.

For his first Prints on Wood collaboration we are immensely excited to announce "Ice Breaker, new piece from Brandrup's breakthrough solo show "Just Be" on view in Copenhagen through September 6th. "ice Breaker is a 24 x 12 in. representation of key elements practiced within Brandrup's work from the graffiti inspiration and color usage down to the shapes involved.

"Ice Breaker" will be available exclusively through POW during a seven day timed release beginning ending Monday, August 29th at 11:59 pm PST.


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