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New Print Release! Renee French Releases "Stu"

Stu by Renee French wood print

Artist and writer, Renee French, has just released her long-awaited Prints on Wood collaboration entitled "Stu," available today, April 11th, through Sunday, April 17th. The 10x10 inch wood print is the first collaboration between POW and the artist.

French is regarded as a treasured participant in the literary and illustrative world, having released numerous comics throughout her career including the award-winning graphic novel, The Ticking. French' work is internationally distinguishable by her almost exclusive use of fine pointed graphite pencil on miniature pieces of paper. Her unique method of choice has brought her great clout in the fine arts world, making her style immediately recognizable to art connoisseurs and collectors.

French's legacy in the literary and art world transcends that of fine art prints, comics and graphics novels, and stretches far into the realm of children' books as well. Her signature style has met the pages of many children's book titles, and her dreamy, fantastical characters continue to act as a recognizable figures for both kids and adults alike.

With her first POW release en tow, French brings forth a pleasantly plump and furry figure entitled "Stu." French describes "Stu" by saying, "He's a bear and he's got teeny hands and his name is Stu."

"Stu is available for purchase with or without a classic, white wooden frame for your home decor needs. Check back on the POW blog for an interview with Renee French in the coming days, and be sure to click here to make your purchase today!


renee french stu wood print

Renee French wood print Stu

Stu wood print by Renee French