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No Ghost Logos Charity Event

no ghost logo pow

Ghostbusters (1984) was a movie that about a few guys who got kicked out from their University, and became ghostbusters for a living. The Ghostbusters community has created a documentary called "Ghostheads" to share the Ghostbusters fandom around the world. These Ghostheads have traveled around the world meeting fans, visiting hospitals, and raising money for charities.

ECTO-1 no ghost logo pow

Photo of Sean Bishop's ECTO-1 Replica

On Friday, October 30, 2015, there will be The No Ghost Logos Charity event held in Burbank curated by our good friend Chogrin. There will be an art gallery and an appearance of Sean Bishop's ECTO 1 replica. Chogrin has brought together 30 artists from around the world to interpreted the "No Ghost" logo in their own style. The No Ghost Logos Charity event will have an art show at the "Creature Feature Art Gallery" displaying all of their pieces from 7-9 PM. This event is a tribute and fundraiser for Michael C. Gross, the creator of the famous Ghostbusters logo. Gross has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and they wanted to dedicate this event to him in appreciation of the huge impact he has made on the Ghostbuster film and history. Michael C. Gross is extremely passionate about art and really appreciates the Ghostbusters community.

Michael C. Gross Pow no ghost show

(Photo of The late Harold Ramis with Michael on the set of Ghostbusters (1984))

Prints on Wood had the opportunity to be able to sponsor this cool event! We will be printing all 30 pieces for the No Ghost Logo interpretations. We are super excited to see how everything will turn out and can't wait to be a part of the Ghostbuster fandom!