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Out Feb. 18th, Skinner Releases "Azathoth Invoked"


World renowned, self-taught artist Skinner is hitting us with his very first Prints on Wood release. Titled "Azathoth Invoked," the print is set to release for a limited time beginning February 18th.

Skinner is a super unique artist within the industry, not only because he is a true-to-the-core self-taught artist, but because his entire way of tacking his career is so strategic, yet care free. Admittedly, Skinner thinks about his work in a pragmatic way: separating his joys of life and the little things from his art, which is his passion as well as his '9 to 5.' For him, creating and producing work as a full-time artist -- and living the fast-paced, multi-faceted life which follows -- is payed off by his ability to piece out free time to enjoy the little things in life at his own leisure.

Before even becoming a professional artist, Skinner worked with disabled peoples, teaching/practicing art. Being surrounded by differently-abled people for nearly ten years of his working life, he's truly become someone who has mastered the art of thinking outside of the box and finding bliss in commonalities, the mundane and the overlooked.

Also hailing from a music background, the artist spent years free flowing through various bands, living in punk houses in The Bay Area, and generally not knowing what his next move would be, until realizing creative pursuits were at the forefront of his career goals.

With these realizations made, his career had begun. Now, Skinner is a celebrated ambassador for the arts, a world-traveled street artist and an equally visible gallery artist, with shows having taken place around the world.

As "Azathoth Invoked" gears up to release later this week, be sure to head here to find out more information about the 11x16 in. fine art print and make your purchase. Additionally, an edition of 10 24x36 in. prints of "Azathoth Invoked" are available for purchase as well. You can learn more about the large scale print here, andddd be sure to follow up on the POW blog for an exclusive Q&A with the artist in the coming days. See you then!