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Out Now! Mike Ness x Ed Colver Release + 5 Things You Didn't Know About Punk Rock Photographer, Ed Colver


Social Distortion vocalist, Mike Ness, has a small legion of images of himself captured by punk photographer, Ed Colver, and lucky for us, the two see fit to share the iconic images with the world. In Colver's 6th Prints on Wood release-- and his second visual of Mike Ness-- audiences are able to grab a little piece of punk history in the form of a 10 x 15.5 in. wood print release. In celebration of the latest release titled "Mike Ness '81," here are 5 things you didn't know about the man behind the camera, punk rock photographer, Ed Colver.

Edward Colver Mike Ness Prints on Wood

  1. Just three months after beginning his photography career in 1978, Colver had his first photograph published in the legendary, however now defunct BAM Magazine, consisting of a shot of performance artist Johanna Went.
  2. Ed is solely responsible for several of the most iconic punk album covers including Black Flag's "Louie Louie" single, Cirlce Jerk's "Group Sex," and T.S.O.L's debut self-titled EP.
  3. Ed Colver's photos have been featured on over 250 album covers for labels such as EMI, Capitol and Geffen.
  4. One thing that Ed is quite proud of is his family's lineage and local impression on California. Ed's father, Charles Colver, was a forest ranger for 43 years. Upon retiring, the tallest peak southwest of Mount Baldy was named Colver Peak after Ed's dad, Charles, keeping the Colver name in local history for an additional reason on top of the punk fame.
  5. With such an impactful handle on punk culture -- even into the era of the 2010's -- Colver's impression on punk and digital media coincide. This is why you can catch plenty of renditions of Ed's famed album covers on his Facebook fanpage located here.

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