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Out Now! Simone Legno Releases "Selfie"

Internationally recognized illustrator and graphic designer, Simone Legno, has just dropped his first collaborative release with Prints on Wood title "Selfie." 

Well regarded for being the co-founder and creative director of worldwide art brand, tokidoki, Legno is a favored name among the transcontinental pop art movement. The young innovator officially launched his brand in 2005, and was met with immediate mainstream interest. With a legion of followers en tow, the tokidoki brand took on a cult-like following of young and enthusiastic art lovers enamored with the brand's specific style.


Inspired largely by Japanese imagery and aesthetic, both the tokidoki brand and Legno's POW release "Selfie" indicate a love for the illustrative and imaginative elements of Japanese culture and visual street principles. Urban bus vibes and the artist's signature eastern-infused aesthetic are accented in the inaugural POW x Simone Legno release.

Various characters -- including a juxtapositioned skull-headed, hooded figure -- are illustrated in on this colorful ride. Acting as what could be a fantastic addition to your contemporary pop art print collection, "Selfie," will be available for a limited time. Between today, Tuesday, March 8th and Monday March 15th at Midnight, "Selfie" will be accessible for your purchasing pleasures. To learn more about the print, and to make your purchase, click here! 

Also, be sure to stay tuned to the POW blog for an interview with Simone Legno in the coming weeks. Till next time!