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Photography Prints on Wood That Work For You

Photography prints on wood that work for you.You may have heard the phrase "make your money work for you". Well, Prints on Wood makes your photography work for you. Photography prints on wood give your images a whole new dimension. 

Photography Prints on Wood

In the digital age of photography, you probably snap a ton of pictures. I know I do. Then I upload them to my computer and after a few months I wonder what happened and how I ended up with 800 pictures of trees and 19 random shots of my len's cap. No matter what your subject matter is, Prints on Wood can help.

Wood printing is a totally unique way to display your photography. Our printers don't use white ink, so lighter areas of your photograph will show as woodgrain. Outdoor shots with great blue skies look spectacular on wood. You get a brilliant blue sky with a unique woodgrain running through it.

Every piece of wood has a different woodgrain, transforming your photography into a work of art. Each wood piece is hand selected for your specific photo. This ensures that the right piece of wood with the best woodgrain for your photo is selected.

Professional Photographers

If you want to offer a truly unique product to your customers, look no further. Our prints are made to order so you can offer a new product to your client's risk-free.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Prints on Wood is committed to doing everything we can to help the environment. Our facility is powered by over 200 solar panels.  All of our wood is supplied from a sustainable and farmed source. This means that the wood for our wood prints is grown and then harvested much like a Christmas tree farm. In addition, for every wood print that is ordered, we donate to the Nature Conservancy. So, your wood print actually helps combat deforestation.