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As we've discussed in the past, Prints on Wood allows you to manipulate your photos with Image Effects, or what I like to call, Photo(Wood)Shop.  Last time we discussed how to upload your image and use the Effects tool to change the color scheme of your picture.

After playing with several image apps/features for potential reviews, I'm over all the standard features like filters, brightness, red-eye, etc.  I'm craving something that requires creativity!  I want to play with something a little more "wacky".  That's why I'm going to show you how to use the Stickers tool this week.

First, lets upload the photo we'd like to use for our custom wood print. For this exercise, I'm using this photo of my friends and I at Comic-Con last year...


As you can see, just like my three colleagues, I'm thrilled to have my picture taken while drinking what obviously appears to be a cup of.... uh... "water."  (Sorry, my Boss reads this blog)  Sure, we're all incredibly young and good-looking, but that can't save this picture from falling a little flat.

So how are we going to spice this baby up?  With stickers, that's how!

Just like last time, after you upload a photo and choose a thickness, orientation, and size, click the green button on the right side of the screen that reads Add Image Effects.  Once you do, your screen should look like this...


Now, to access the Stickers tool, click on it's respective icon on top of the Photo Editor window.  It should look like the kind of guy who would tie a beautiful woman to a set of train tracks while wearing a striped shirt.


Clicking on this icon allows you to access all of the stickers we offer in our Photo Editor.  Oh Golly Jeez!  Boy do these look fun!


To apply a sticker onto your photo, click one you'd like to use and drag it onto your image.  The sticker should become framed by a black outline with an X in the top left hand corner and two arrows in the bottom right.


The arrows in the corner allow you to scale and rotate your sticker.  The black X deletes it.  Once its scaled and rotated to your liking, click the box/sticker in the middle to move it around your image.  After you agree on a location, simply click outside of the frame (anywhere on your photo) to make it disappear.


Now that we're familiar with the basics, lets get down to business.

The young lady to the right of me, Raphael, is a big Dr. Who fan (or at least she pretends to be on Facebook) and has a gigantic crush on both David Tennant and Matt Smith (I'm more of a Tom Baker man myself). So lets slap some 3-D shades, a fez, and a bow-tie onto this picture.

ie5I dragged the stickers I'd like to use onto my picture, but they obviously need a little tweaking.  Using the rotate/scaling feature, I was able to scale and adjust these items to make Raph look like the Thirteenth Doctor.

ie6Let's move onto my fabulous friend standing back to back with Raphael, Brandon. Despite that bad-boy glare he's shooting the camera man, he's a gigantic dork.  He tries his hardest to hide this behind his bedroom eyes, but with the magic of Stickers, the truth will come out of hiding!


Aw man, what's this?  Brandon's hat is overlapping Raph's fez since I put it down afterwards.  Not to worry, clicking on a sticker brings it to the forefront of the image.  This comes in very handy if you're placing multiple stickers on your custom wood print.

ie8There we go.  Niiiiice and dorky!  But let's not forget about Michelangelo on the far right.  If you've ever been in a bar and heard someone shouting "WHOOOOOOOOOO!" in an inebriated stupor, it's probably our good friend Mike.  Let's just say she has a preference for a particularly strong drink hailing from south of the border.  To best reflect the aftermath that occurs after she downs several of these drinks, lets throw some racially insensitive stickers on here, shall we?  (For those of you questioning the morality of this situation: It's ok, I'm Costa Rican!)


I feel like something is still missing here though.  I mean I spent 3/4 of this blog slapping stickers all over the heads and faces of my friends, but not so much on myself.  It almost seems a little unfair, doesn't it? ;)

Oh wait! I know how to even things out here!

ie10Bubbles!  *Bloop-bloop-bloop*

There we go!  Wouldn't want people to think anything other than good clean fun goes on around these parts, now would we?  (Once again, my Boss reads this blog)

If you're like me, and you're satisfied with using the Stickers tool to mock your compatriots, click the blue APPLY button to the right of the stickers bar to save these effects.  If at any point you are unsatisfied, just click the CANCEL button to the left of the Stickers menu and your image is reset.

So have some fun, try it out, and if you order a wood print using these effects, take a picture and let us know!


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