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What is Photo(Wood)Shop? It's an exciting new feature we've integrated into the Create Your Own process that lets you edit your images.

Today, we'll go over the steps needed to start editing your own photographs and how to adjust the color scheme of your image with this step by step process.

1.) Visit P.O.W.'s Create Your Own page.


2.) Select the thickness of your wood canvas


3.) Upload your image from Facebook, Instagram, or your Hard Drive.


4.) Once you've uploaded your photo, two images should appear on the right side of the screen. Above the top image is a green button that reads "ADD IMAGE EFFECTS".

Click on this button to access the Photo(Wood)Shop!


5.) A new black window will appear with your image in the middle and several icons across the top. Each of these represent a different effect or filter you can add to your image.


6.) Today we'll play with the color scheme of our image by using the Effects tool.

Click on the 3rd button from the left, a roll of film with text underneath it that reads "EFFECTS".


7.) Once you select the Effects tool, several variations of your image will appear at the top.


These effects can enhance the look and feel of a dull or lifeless photograph by adding character with a charming antiquated look. Feel free to cycle through all the different image variations the Effects tool has to offer, keeping in mind that your image will take on the characteristics of these effects.

Selecting a cooling effect will result in your image having richer blues, purples, and greens. If a warming effect is selected, it will enhance the reds, oranges, and yellows, making them more vibrant in your photograph.


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