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POW Chats: Munk One Talks About First POW Release, "Everlasting Love" + More


Munk One has swum with the big fish; he's executed work for Warner Bros., created the art work for Snoop Dogg's critically acclaimed Snoopify app -- if you don't remember this, now is a good time to utilize Google -- and has been exhibited up and down the California coast, across the nation and back again. When chatting with such accomplished artists -- one who, let's say has been hired to paint a giant mural for Pearl Jam's famed 20 year anniversary concert on side-by-side billboards with friend Maxx242 -- it can be overwhelming. That's a lot of cool stuff to do in one lifetime. As such, Munk One and myself take it easy and chat about his first POW print titled "Everlasting Love" and shamelessly recap some career highlights thus far.

Hey Munk. Can you talk to me about your print "Everlasting Love." What's going on in that piece's imagery? 

Sure. It shows an owl and a fox inside a cactus and the characters are holding hands. To me, it was a really personal piece. I think I was trying to express a feeling of love that's there without any distractions, or anything taking away from it; no matter what's going on, the love is still there. The owl is awake during the day; the fox is asleep. There are different elements that don't exactly go along with everlasting love, but they're still holding hands.

Why did "Everlasting Love" stand out for you as a painting to print on wood?

[POW and I] talked about releasing some art work at some point and I kind of just felt like this one fit the wood element. It's an earthy painting in my opinion. I don't know, I really just had a good feeling on this one as far as the look of it. Also, the border has some wood element to it so I just thought it'd be really great for Prints on Wood.


A good feeling goes a long way. You've done a lot of really cool stuff in your career so far. Can you talk about a career highlight that comes to mind? 

A think one of my career highlights as working on the Pearl Jam 20 year anniversary billboards Maxx242 and I did at their show. That was just great. I really enjoyed doing that. Plus, it tied in with something of historic value. I've had people watch me while I paint before, but never at that scale. There was just so many people there. It was a huge show and it was just so cool.

Nice. What are you working on currently? What're you in the middle of?

Right no I'm in the middle of working on more band prints and looking into doing more licensed work for different brands. Definitely a lot more prints; I'm still painting.

My paintings have been going in a bit of a different direction I would say. I'm moving away a little from the pop art I would say, and moving towards just painting my own characters and my own world. Whatever it is.

Are you painting characters that are laid out in your mind that you've been waiting to paint, or are they just kind of flowing out spontaneously once you sit down to work? What's going on with your process right now?

For me, a lot of it is just working and that's where my inspiration comes from. I can't just really sit and think about what I'm going to do; I just work, and it just comes through the actual process of creating. That's where I find different ideas and characters. For me, that just works for me.


I ask artists this question a lot and some will say they just kind of wing it or some will say they set up ten candles and do a seance, but do you have any routines that you practice or partake in while you're working?

I like music. Music keeps me focused when I'm working. If there's other distractions, I tend to get distracted pretty easily. Music kind of just tends to help me focus and keep going. I get into a groove. So I've noticed that music has definitely played a big part in me creating because other than that, I like silence, nd with my lifestyle, silence isn't always there. It's hard to find quiet time, so nighttime has usually been helpful, but, it just doesn't always work for me to be painting all night. So music really helps during the day.

What are you listening to these days?

Hhmmm, I can always fall back on classic Strokes. Diplo. MIA. Zaz, Ben l'oncle Soul, and Mathieu Chedid.

Nice. So what do you have planned for the rest of your day?

I'm working on a sketch for a poster. Hopefully, I'll get to the inking stage in maybe a day or two depending on the complexity of the design. But today I have a sketch, and I'm working on cleaning up that sketch. I'll probably do some painting as well later on.

What's your studio or creative space like right now?

I like having my studio space be wherever I am. I'll work from home, or I'll take a small little studio with me if I'm out painting. I recently started doing plein air painting, so I've reduced my materials and supplies I use for painting so I'll have like a sketchbook with me and some watercolors and maybe like a pencil or two, but it's really minimalist. I like to be able to get out of the house and just travel if i need to; just to go get out into the world.


Munk One's POW release, "Everlasting Love," will be available between January 21st and January 27th. To learn more about the print, and to make your purchase, click here.