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POW x DesignerCon 2015

designercon 2015

This weekend, the POW team soaked up our fair share of art appreciation and positive vibes while in lovely Pasadena, Ca attending the third annual DesignerCon.
DCon brings together the who's who in the worlds of custom art, illustrations, apparel, miniatures, and all around exclusive finds. With over 70,000 sq. ft. and over 300 vendors to explore, this event is a yearly MUST for anyone intrigued by the design trade.

2015 brought an all-star lineup to the convention overall, but the energy was well-felt over at booth #512. Several of our favorite artists came to hang out and sign prints; the roster included Mab Graves, Jermaine Rogers, Buff Monster, Camille Rose Garcia, Luke Chueh, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Bioworkz, Joe Ledbetter and Jeff Soto.

Over the two-day event, wood prints found new homes, laughs were shared, good times were had, but also photographed; and since photos are totally worth a thousand words, see below for visuals of DCon 2015 and be sure to check back soon for updates and interviews with Buff Monster, Mab Graves, KMNDZ, Jermaine Rogers and more!

designercon joe ledbetter prints on wood

Joe Ledbetter graced DCon with this wall installation, where a team of POW 1 of 1 prints hung out for the weekend. Below, see work from Ron English (left), KMNDZ (center) and Buff Monster (right).

designercon prints on wood buff monster kmndz ron english

designercon prints on wood kmndz

Throughout the course of the event, KMNDZ live painted, shaping up a sweet tribute piece centered around some of our favorite characters and their original illustrator's noteworthy designs. Can you spot any?

kmndz designercon

Fans lined up for a chance to get a doodle from Mab Graves as soon as she entered the booth. The intoxicating, humorous and welcoming demeanor of the artist adds volumes to her dreamy illustrative appeal. Worth noting, the Indiana born artist's backstory into the art world is about as surreal as her paintings. We've got the proof.

designercon prints on wood mab graves

mab graves the feral exodus designercon prints on wood

designercon prints on wood jermaine rogers

Photographed here: Rock illustrator and man of many-a-positive vibes, Jermaine Rogers signing. prints of "The Exchange." Below, a look at his 1 of 1 large format print titled "Frida and Vincent."

designercon prints on wood jermaine rogers frida and vincent

designercon prints on wood ron english stormtrooper grin

Photographed here: Ron English's "Stormtrooper Grin."

buff monster prints on wood designer con2

designercon prints on wood buff monster self portrait

designercon prints on wood buff monster

Put Buff Monster at a booth for an hour with a Sharpie in hand and the people will come. After his signing, the busy man of melty talents sat down for a one-on-one conversation about his brand new book, the Renaissance era and why he paints melty things. Get the insight here.

designercon camille rose garcia prints on wood

designercon prints on wood camille rose garcia

Over Dcon weekend, Camille Rose Garcia talked art and inspiration with fans while signing prints, note pads and copies of her various books. With titles ranging from Tragic Kingdom, The Saddest Place on Earth and her latest, Mirror, Black Mirror, she brought the magical gloom in the most ingenious of ways. Filled with all-telling creatures, inquisitive spirits and a sense of macabre intrigue, her work is some of the most easily distinguishable in the dark arts.

designercon prints on wood luke chueh

Painter/designer Luke Chueh took time out to attract some star attention. A favorite of many intrigued by the areas of "lowbrow" pop art, he is beloved for his "Hello Lukey" reiteration among many other minimalist adaptations of familiar images.

designercon prints on wood luke chueh 4

designercon prints on wood luke chueh hello lukey

designercon prints on wood luke chueh 3

designercon prints on wood luke chueh 5

designercon prints on wood (3)

designercon prints on wood 4

designercon prints on wood jeff soto

designercon prints on wood jeff soto2

Hundreds of these little guys found new homes over the weekend, with one of POW's biggest giveaways having taken place at DCon. Snapping a photo of the POW booth, posting it to Instagram, then tagging and hashtagging @PrintsonWood is all that was needed to talk away with one of these Jeff Soto owl prints. DCon attendees were given the opportunity to grab a print, then take it right behind the POW booth over to Jeff's to get it signed. Convenience at its finest.

designercon jeff soto

designercon prints on wood bioworkz

Photographed here: 1 of 1 "Ornate Elephant" by Bioworkz. View all of Bioworkz work available through POW here.