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POW x Germs "Straight Outta South LA"

Jaime Germs Zacarias is a Southern California native with a knack for meshing elements of Chicano culture with pop-surrealist hints. His work is most prominently recognized by his colorful and eclectic depictions of Luchador masks -- a mask used in Lucha Libre, the term used for professional wrestling in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. The mask has become a consistent fixture within his work, constantly stylized and reinterpreted in varying ways.

For his very first POW collaboration, Germs presents us with "Straight Outta South LA". The visually textured print is multi-colored and maze-like, showcasing outstretched tentacles and mad patterns surrounding the familiar depiction of the Luchador mask. Germs takes the most visually gratifying elements from his inspirations, -- including the Clayton Brothers, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring --  inputting shapes, elements and techniques that reflect their work, but balances the execution by implementing his own unique additives that vary from the Basquiats or Harings of today.

Measuring in at 16 x 20 in., the wood print is ideal for adding a statement piece to any room, and for spicing up your collection as a whole. In addition, each print comes signed and numbered by the artist, and is available to be purchased with or without a frame. "Straight Outta South LA" will be available as a timed-release print between January 11th and January 17th. To make your purchase, click here.