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POW x Winston Smith "Mona Mohawk"


Since the '70s, surrealist collage artist, Winston Smith, has been creating dreamy and wonderfully bizarre visuals for the punk rock community. In the band's formative years, tried-and-true punk legends ,the Dead Kennedys, enlisted Smith to work on their album Kill the Poor. Three years later, he created their iconic logo which has taken on a life of its own as a symbol against illiberal and oppressive ideologies and systems.

Winston Smith's art work has lived in the CD racks and iTunes discographys of millions across the globe, making him a global innovator in his specific brand of punk-driven hand-carved collages. You may recognize Smith's work on the cover of Green Day' 1995 release titled Insomniac or Jello Biafra's 1998 release entitled If Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Evolve. With his eye on the genre and his heart in the scene for decades, Smith has definitively  become a pivotal part of punk's legacy.

For his first POW release, Smith brings forth a very fitting art work to align with his career of punk admiration; da Vinci's Mona Lisa gets a brand new vibe in Smith's rendering titled Mona Mohawk. For this piece, audiences are given the treat of seeing the 500 year old fine art piece reinterpreted as a punk princess sporting a mohawk and pins that symbolize anarchy, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys. A glance at Mona's hand, and you'll as well see a small quip towards South Korean hardcore punk band, The Geeks.


Available beginning January 14th, Mona Mohawk will arrive hand-signed and numbered for authenticity in your growing collection of punk rock insignia. To learn all about the 10 x 13.375 in. print, and to make your purchase on January 14th, click here.