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Prints on Wood - Jenga

There is a not a job to big or too small that we do not tackle with the same enthusiasm.  Such as when Sharon Yamamoto at Jenga, (yes that Jenga), approached us to custom print some game pieces she was sending to Troy Liquor Bar in NYC, we said, "Why, YES! We can do that!"


In some of the hipper bars, you may notice people at tables playing Jenga, and the bars provide the game pieces. They may as well be customized and become an extension of the bar's branding. Creative minds appreciate a creative approach!


These turned out great and you can see how Troy's logo compliment the iconic Jenga logo nicely. Troy better expect that some of these pieces may end up in a tourist or two's pockets as a souvenir.


Printing on wood allows a dimension not usually found in traditional print media. If you have a unique use for printed wood, we'd love to hear it. Let us help your creative mind's ideas manifest with a Prints on Wood project today!  Contact us here, for a custom quote.