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I wasn't able to make it out to the Dreams Collide art show last Friday, but some of my co-workers did! Great, now all I need to do is see the pictures they took and try to make up a story or something to post in-between the pictures they took to grease the wheels!

jeff1Photo by @jeffsotoart

Wait? What's this? They forgot to take pictures? Aw nuts! Well, it's time for me to rely on my 10+ years of extensive experience as a Graphic Designer and do what I do best.... B.S.'ing people!

jeffPhoto by @jdmorrisfinearts

Every Graphic Designer knows that when faced with a huge project, the first thing you do is jump on the internet! Not so much to research the in's and out's of your projects, but to see how someone else completed a similar project and copy what they did!

jeff2Photo by @jdmorrisfinearts

So I decided to pay a visit to our competitors blog to figure out how to fashion a blogpost out of thin air relying on only hyperbole and bad jokes... until I realized I already do that to begin with! I mean I know I'm desperate to get my work done, but not THAT desperate. That would be like Glenn Danzig trying to copy Davey Havok.

jeff3Photo by @hooligan_crew

Onto Plan B... call Jeff Soto and ask him if we can come down and take some pictures! Wait, he's not replying to any texts? Damn it! Alright, I'll just try his brother on his cell. I'm sure he got some sweet pictures he can send us! Oh, he's not answering? For crap's sake!

jeff4Photo by @damedrea

That's when someone suggested I check Instagram. Uh, no doy! I spent all of 15 minutes looking on the internet, including Instagram, and came up with snuff. What now? Hashtags? What are those? Apparently through the use of internet magic, hashtags... um... well... I don't know what they exactly do per say, they just helped me find a bunch of pictures taken by the artists exhibiting at the show.

jeff5Photo by @aaronmason81

Like check out this teaser of a piece by... Aaron Mason? What the hell? I went to high school with this guy! We sat next to each other in 2nd year art class (he got an A, I got a D+). We didn't really get along too well, but he did draw a dope picture of Ben Harper & Jimi Hendrix once.

jeff6Photo by@jdmorrisfinearts

Or how about this beaut? Painted none other by everyone's favorite hardened-graffiti-artist-turned-mild-mannered-boy-next-door, Jeff Soto! According to the internet, he secretly owns Prints On Wood. I wish. If that were true, you'd see the two of us riding a tandem bike to Tony's everyday around lunch time. (Their shredded beef burritos are the bomb!)

jeff7Photo by @dstroyr

Dreams Collide runs until June 29th, so swing by and see what they got hanging. That Jeff Soto piece is still unspoken for, so if you got an extra 2k lying around, it's all yours bro!


For more information on Dreams Collide, please visit: http://www.riversideartparlor.com/


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