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Say Hello to The Octopus Tree House!

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve got some new faces in our featured artists. Alright, well it may be an octopus, but it’s still some new friends!

Meet Paul Petyo and Jessica Weiss: they were very kind to answer some questions I had for them, and they sound like two funny and awesome people. :)

Check out what they had to say below:

When and How did Octopus Tree House get started?

Paul: Well, we formed the Tree House late in 2011 after Jess came up with some ideas for some cute Star Wars based prints for us to work on. I was working on a zombie comic for Dead Future and wanted this art to be separate from that. Plus working as a creative team we thought it would be a good idea to have a joint name and not just float around with two individual artist names. We settled on OTH because it seemed kind of fantastic and we both love cephalopods.

What inspired you to do the Set of Six with well-known Star Wars villains?

Paul: Jess came up with the ideas for all of these guys. She would just spit them out. I really don't know how she does it. Her brain works in a way that mine doesn't. All the clever little ideas we've worked into each print all came from her.

Jess: It all started with the Boba Fett print. I was taking a sculpture class and was thinking about how I could make a floating Han Solo in carbonate IRL. After that, the flood gates opened and the rest just kind of came to me in a blur. I didn't even realize they were all villains until the 3rd or 4th one. I like to think that their evil ways started at a young age.

Paul: Yeah, some people say they're not accurate or, Darth would just be Anakin, etc. We just like to think of them having been smaller versions of themselves as adults. For us, it's more fun that way and it's just our interpretation. We think it keeps some of the magic and mystery we had as kids watching the Original Trilogy while also throwing in some subtle and fun foreshadowing.

Which is your favorite Star Wars film and why?

Paul: We're both huge fans of the Original Trilogy, but I'd have to say my favorite is Empire. I must have seen that movie 15 times in the theater as a kid. My mom says I would weasel my way into going with every friend who's parents would take me. I loved the opening battle on Hoth.

Jess: I love Return of the Jedi because of the Ewoks and also the fact that it brings the story to a close with an epic battle and much ass-kicking. Also the Ewoks.

Are there any upcoming projects you would like to mention?

Paul: Right now we have some ideas for some other prints that we're presently working on. We also are writing a children's book about our cat who is scared of everything. We hope to eventually pump out some of the good guys from Star Wars eventually as we have a few ideas for them. Gotta flesh those out some more before we get rolling.

Jess: That is one of the questions we get a lot online and at shows. "Are you guys gonna do some good guys too?" or "I need a Yoda!" or "Where's R2?" etc...

Paul: We're both going to be at Baltimore Comic con on Saturday and Sunday, September 8th-9th at the Baltimore convention center. So if anyone is in the area, we'd love to say hello. :)

If you met George Lucas is person, what would you say to him?

Jess: Can I have a AT-AT?
Paul: uumm, uh, wha? huh... (and various other nervous stuttering and non-words) DARTH VADER!

[end inerview]

Aaaaand there you have it folks!

Thank you Paul Petyo and Jessica Weiss for the interview, and we welcome you to the PrintsOnWood family!


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