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"Seahorse" by Emek Timed Release


For the last twenty years, Israel-born artist, Emek, has been producing gig posters for some of the world's top alternative bands and festivals.  He has made a name for himself as a true creative savant. While working on the art work for A Rollins in the Wry with former Black Flag vocalist, activist, journalist and all-around cool dude, Henry Rollins, Rollins famously dubbed Emek, "The Thinking Man’s Poster Artist."

All of Emek's gig posters are originally hand-drawn, then hand-silkscreened in limited runs for each individual concert or event. His attention to detail has made him a famed industry favorite, with the clientele roster to prove it. Some of Emek's clients include the likes of TOOL, Erykah Badu, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, B.B. King, Queens of the Stone Age and Coachella Festival.

His work has touched television airwaves -- in shows such as That 70s Show and New Girl --films, gallery walls and magazine pages -- such as Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone and Wired Magazine. His posters are popularly revered for having socio-political undertones, and he is acknowledged for his proactive approach utilizing art.


Emek's very first poster commission was in 1992 for a unity rally and music concert which took place in Los Angeles as a response to the Rodney King verdict. The poster was part of a grassroots effort to acknowledge the acquittal of the Rodney King verdict and help soothe and bring a sense of healing to the fiery riots that followed. The poster depicts a scratchboard visage of Martin Luther King Jr. rising above a concert crowd, and was stapled to the city's burnt-out buildings following the unrest. It is speculated that no copies of this poster exist today.

Now -- for his second Prints on Wood release -- Emek presents us with "Seahorse," a 9 x 12 in. print showcasing the artist's signature attention to detail. "Seahorse" is available between January 4th and January 11th and is purchasable with or without a custom frame. To make your purchase -- and to avoid that dreaded FOMO Effect -- simply click here.