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Seeker Friends #3 The Menace by Jeff Soto

Get ready for another awesome wood print by Jeff Soto, the Menace. It will be released in 2 days at 12pm on-the-dot and available for 24 hours only. Like all previous timed-release editions from Soto, the total number of Menace prints created will be based on the total number sold in the 24 hours.

The Menace will be a 6x6 UV print on our signature, high-quality birch plywood with a keyhole carved in the back. It is ready to hang immediately out of the box.

Jeff likes to sign these little guys with a silver paint pen. His signature will be on the front and the number on the back.

Get yours: http://www.printsonwood.com/jeff-soto-seeker-friends-the-menace-print-on-wood

The Menace - Jeff Soto Wood Print

A special reminder for customers: We do not send specific numbers to anybody so please do not email us asking for the same number that you received last time. The order number you receive does not coincide with the print number you will receive. We do, however, ship the orders in the order they are received, or relatively close to the order received. If you order more than one you are not guaranteed consecutive numbers.
Attention international customers: We can ship two 6x6 prints in one flat rate box, so if you want to order more than one the cost for shipping is significantly reduced.


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